Colorado weather, and why we love it

As we sit here enjoying a sunny 60 degree February day, the news is blaring warnings of a “Severe Winter Storm” expected to arrive tonight (just in time for evening rush hour I’m sure). If this storm follows the normal pattern, we’ll see 3-6-10 inches of fluffy Colorado Powder, then within 48 hours we’ll be back in the sunshine. What does the snow bring? A deeper base for the snowmobilers, and for the dirt guys, lovely traction! That’s what is so great about mountain weather patterns; they bring moisture in small amounts and always follow that with sunshine. It all works together to make Colorado such an awesome place for motorcyclists and other powersports enthusiasts. Even in the winter, our daytime temps are no problem for a short street commute or a day at the motocross track. Just make sure you’re done by the time the sun goes down!